I am a qualified Language Coach for the German Language and the person behind GermanLanguageCoaching.

I offer individual, online and institutional language coaching at all levels for:

professional musicians, students of music and music science

singers and other performers wanting to master German diction

theatres seeking German language coaching for a musical production

universities needing German language coaching for students

enthusiastic students and professionals

German Language Coaching for Musicians

How interesting would it be to learn German involving your own musical language, using the world of music and its stories as a means to understanding the German language?

As a musician you know that Rome wasn’t built in a day. So you are used to putting in the effort but you have also experienced the satisfaction that goes with mastering your art and having been in charge of your learning process.
That experience will equip you well to master the German language.

What are your goals?

  • preparing for official language or music entry examinations to a German University or Conservatorium?
  • focusing on technical terminology needed for a professional musical career?
  • preparing an interview or public speech?
  • improving writing or speaking skills either generally or for a specific purpose?
  • writing a doctorate thesis?
  • pursuing personal interest in the German language, music history, philosophy, literature or culture?

German Lyrical Diction Coaching

As a classical singer or a student of singing, the German repertoire will be an essential part of your career. If you need guidance learning the pronunciation and meaning of the German lyric of your chosen music or understand German music in its cultural context, let’s work together!
Some of your technical questions might include:

  • How do I break up the German clustering of consonants to be able to sing or speak them with total ease?
  • How can I clearly differentiate vowel and diphthong pronunciation?
  • When is a vowel a long or a short one?
  • What German grammar knowledge do I need to sing in the language?

German Language Coaching for all Students and Professionals

I offer a training at all levels (A1-C2) to private and corporate customers seeking more proficiency in German, customised to their goals and vocational environment.

Would you like to:

  • prepare for official exams or entry to a German university?
  • write a doctorate thesis?
  • reach a certain language level according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR, known as GeR in German) for job or research programme application?
  • focus on technical terminology and speech for your profession?
  • improve communication skills in your business or for informal or formal social events?
  • enhance ability to recognize nuance in sensitive conversations?
  • prepare an interview or public speech?
  • improve your general writing skills or simply become a more fluent speaker?

Institutional German Language Coaching for Opera and University

I offer institutional and individual coursework.
This could prove useful for an opera, operetta or oratorium production.
The understanding of the German language and language structure may also be a requirement in the fields of philosophy and comparative linguistics.

I coach in-person in Santiago, Chile, and online worldwide.
You may contact me in English, German, Spanish or Portuguese.
For more information please send me an e-mail:

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