My name is Alexandra Besoain

I am a linguist, offering customised coaching in the German language to help my clients realise their individual language ambitions. Using the neuroscience-based methods of Neurolanguage Coaching® , I make learning an empowering and brain-friendly experience. The resulting self awareness of the learning process, will also change forever, the way you learn.

Professional musicians, students of music and music science.

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“A different language is a different vision of life”

– Federico Fellini –

German Language Coaching for all Students and Professionals

Language training at all levels (A1-C2) to private and corporate customers seeking to improve their German proficiency, customised to their main goals and reflecting their operating environment.

Institutional German Language Coaching for Opera and University

Coaching on institutional level, implementing individual or coursework to prepare a musical production or support students in areas of study that include the German language.

German Language Coaching for Musicians

Focused German Language learning by using tools of musical training and building the language learning process around personalized themes from the area of music. Preparing for entrance and studies at German conservatories.

German Lyrical Diction Coaching

Guidance for classical singers and students of singing learning the pronunciation and meaning of German singing repertoire and introducing just the appropriate amount of language understanding.