I’m Alexandra Besoaín

German Language Coach

I am a qualified Language Coach in the german language and the person behind GermanLanguageCoaching.com

German Language Coaching

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German Diction Coaching

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Because of my passion for music I specialize in coaching professionals and students from the field of classical music.

I offer individual, online and institutional language coaching on all levels for:

Professional musicians, students of music and music science.

Singers and other performers wanting to master German diction.

Theatres seeking German Language coaching for a musical production.

Universities needing German Language Coaching for students.

Other enthusiastic students and professionals.

German Language Coaching for Musicians

How interesting and entertaining would it be to learn German through your own musical language? Using the world of music and the stories of the world of music to get to know this new world of the German Language?

German Lyrical Diction Coaching

As a classical singer or a student of singing, the German Repertoire will be an essential part of your career. If you would love to have guidance learning the pronunciation and meaning of the German Lyrics of your chosen music or understand German music in its cultural context, let’s work together!

German Language Coaching for all Students and Professionals

I offer a training on all levels (A1-C2) to private and corporate customers seeking to improve their German proficiency, customised to their main goals and reflecting their operating environment.

Institutional German Language Coaching for Opera and University

I coach on institutional level, implementing individual or coursework. This may serve to prepare for a production of opera, operetta or mass or to enhance the learning efficiency of students in areas that include the need of understanding the German language.

Why trust me?

I am a native German and English Speaker. I hold two Master’s degrees, in Anthropology from Bonn University and German as a Foreign Language from Mainz University.
I am a certified Neurolanguage Coach®, accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF).
I have 10 years of experience teaching German and English at universities and institutes.
I have a deep understanding of classical music, studying piano, recorder, harp and ballet.
I am experienced in intercultural settings, being raised in a bilingual home and living in Chile for the past 10 years.
I speak German, English and Spanish fluently so I can coach in these three languages.

How many coaching sessions do I need?
That depends entirely on your goals. After a first goal setting it will be part of the learning process to review goals and achievements and discuss the forthgoing.
How long is one session?
The length of a general language coaching session is 60 minutes. Diction Coaching is usually given in 90 minute-sessions.
In which language is the coaching?
I coach in German, English or Spanish. You can choose.
Do I need to buy any learning material?
No. The material used is available for free on the internet, but you can also bring along personal material.
Do I need a basic level of German for Diction Coaching?
No. There is no previous knowledge required.
How does online coaching work?
It is very simple. You need a computer with a camera, high speed internet and a google mail account to be able to use the google applications.
I am am not a musician, can I also learn German with you?
Of course. I would be delighted to hear from you.
How do I pay?
It is possible to pay by Paypal or a national or international bank transfer.
After the payment is received I send out an electronic receipt.

My Story

Linguist, harp enthusiast, classical music lover, thinker, voyager, dreamer, lifelong learner!
Born to a German scientist father and a New Zealand pianist mother, I was raised bilingually enjoying throughout my youth, the beautiful sound of classical music, receiving musical instruction in piano and flute.
After spending a year São Paulo to learn Portuguese and teach German I completed my formal education at Bonn University, Germany, and Pompeu Fabra University, Barcelona, in Anthropology, Oriental Art History and Romance Languages, gaining proficiency in Spanish, and exploring other languages such as Turkish, Arabic and K’ichee’, a Mayan language. Along the way I tutored Latin, English and German. And I loved it, earning my first Master´s degree in 2006. I gained my second Master’s degree in German (as a Foreign Language) at Mainz University, Germany. This equipped me with the theoretical tools to pursue a career in teaching which I followed with teacher training at Sydney University, Australia.
After meeting my future Chilean winemaker husband in France, we moved to Chile to pursue and realise his dream of producing his own high-quality wine.
I focused on raising our wonderful children and taught at Santiago´s campus of the Heidelberg University and the Goethe Institute. After a few years my focus naturally progressed to providing private coaching of students preparing for postgraduate studies in Germany, and executive language coaching for internationally-based German companies. This change of direction enabled me to more closely align my coaching to the individual needs of each client.
Among them I discovered a niche need for diction coaching amongst classical singers and language coaching for musicians wanting to study or work in a German university or orchestra. This enabled me to combine my love for music with my work as a German language Coach.


“Con Alexandra comencé a entender realmente el alemán, ella siempre busca la forma para explicarte el por qué de las cosas, y aprendiendo así no se olvida más! Gracias a ella pude aprender lenguaje técnico musical en alemán para dar pruebas y entrar a la universidad en Europa.”


Estudiante de viola

“Alexandra es una excelente profesora, quien tiene un método personalizado muy eficiente e interesante que permite rápidos avances en el aprendizaje del idioma. Después de varias experiencias con diferentes instituciones y profesores de alemán, encontré en Alexandra una gran pedagoga que supo guiarme en el desafío de aprender alemán.”

Francisco Brunner

Master Dirección Orquestal, Universidad de Chile

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Online Coaching Resources

Wellness eBook

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The Essentials of Goal Setting

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3 Week Career Workshop

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Find Your Balance. Set Your Goals. Take A Challenge. Reward Yourself.

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I coach in-person in Santiago, Chile.
You may contact me in English, German, Spanish or Portuguese.
For more information please send me an e-mail: